Saturday, January 07, 2017

2017 Resolution

I am bit late in responding the questions given to me from this post. Right now I am halfway done and still have another half to be answered. I am planning to finish them all before this month ends and actually sent them to the respective person later. Sorry for the delay.

Some of the questions there are pretty interesting and since I posted that on December, many of them are related to the old & new year stuffs. Writing this resolution out on the internet kinda give these respective people a spoiler. But, can't help it, yes? Sorry again. For some reason I just feel like posting this before the moment faded.

So, here are my 7 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2017

1. KonMari-ed my house
I bought the book last year (in November I think), but I have not been able to finish it. I bought the book with one goal in mind and I am determined to finish the book and actually apply it to my house.

2. Finish the 52 FACE Project
This is a personal project I initiated by and for myself. I will be getting through the details in the future post.

3. Travel to South Korea (on my birth-month if I could)
First thing first is I have to look for cheap airfare on travel fair. After that, I'll see how it goes. And if I could not get the cheap one, then I would probably postpone this dream.

4. Lose 10 kgs (LOL, don't know how yet)
I am not particularly crazy on going into diet and losing weight. But it will be nice if I can lose that much and not gaining any pound back.

5. Get a boyfriend (even less clue on this department)
This has even become a joke between fellow single ladies in my inner circle. This is even more difficult than getting a cheap airfare ticket to South Korea, I guess?

6. Write at least 50 blog posts
This is, of course minus the post I written for work purpose! So, something that I wrote personally or for my very own project. With the 52 FACE going on, I hope I can also achieve this goal.

7. Be featured somewhere
This is like the most unrealistic out of all, I guess. I mean for the 6 mentioned above, I can make it happen with my own effort. But for this one, it has to be someone else to actually recognize me and my work. Haha, so this is like a very hopeful resolution, but, no pressure at all!

Yay, that's that.

Let's see how it goes and I will probably get back to this by the end of the year. I actually thought of making MY 100 LIST inspired by the blog but we'll see how this year's resolution goes before I created the one like that. I also will try to dig out my old diaries ((while KonMari-ing)) to see if I actually have some kind of lists before and if I had already crossed them off.

That's it for now. Let's bring it on 2017!

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